Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ezgi Bozkurt Flatman

Academical Background

University of Sussex, Clinical Psychology, Graduate Degree – United Kingdom


Bogazici University, Psychology, Undergraduate Degree – Istanbul/Turkey


University of Kent, Psychology, Student Exchange Program – United Kingdom


University of Sussex, Psychology, Student Exchange Program – United Kingdom


Kabatas Erkek Lisesi (High School)


Areas of Interest

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Phobia
  • Obsession
  • Trauma
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Sister jealousy
  • Lack of attention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anger management
  • Behavior problems

Methods Used

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Professional History

Ezgi graduated from Kabatas High School in 2008 and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Bogazici University. During her undergraduate education, she has been awarded with a scholarship by the University of Kent on Erasmus program and through the International Summer School program at the University of Sussex. She also holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Sussex. The subject of the MA thesis is the research project on the effects of mindfulness therapy and music therapy on different moods.

During her undergraduate studies, she completed her apprenticeship at American Hospital, Erenkoy Mental and Neurological Disorders Hospital and NPIstanbul Neuropsychiatric Hospital. She worked with children and adolescents with autism and Asperger’s syndrome as part of the ASpire project at the Brighton & Hove Impetus Foundation in England. She then had therapy sessions with children and adolescents at Mill View Hospital and adults with adults at the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. She then returned to Istanbul and worked with the children at Istek Foundation Schools and provided psychological counseling to parents. Psychological counseling centers conduct therapy sessions with children, young people and parents.

The 4-month long “Child-Centered Therapy ”program, which was held in partnership with April Psychological Counseling Center and Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Center, was awarded the title of Center Game Therapist recognized by the Association for Play Therapy. She also completed a 7-month  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Children and Young People D training organized by the Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies Association.

She is certified by the Turkish Association of Psychologists as a certified Testi Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children isi IV (WISC-4) C and için Denver 2 Developmental Screening Test (4 Developmental Screening Test We) certified by the Developmental Pediatric Neurology Association. In addition to these, “CAT Perception Test for Children”, “Bender-Gestalt Visual Motor Perception Test”, “Frostig Developmental Visual Perception Test”, “Louisa Dusi Psychoanalytic Stories Test”, “Metropolitan School Maturity Test”, “Gesell Development Figures Test” Is a certified practitioner of psychological assessment tests and inventories such as “Benton Visual Memory Test”, “Beier Sentence Completion Test”, “School Preparation Test”, “A Human Draw Test”, “A Family Draw Test” and “Ankara Development Screening Inventory”. .

She provides cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy and group therapy for children and adolescents aged 2 to 25 and counseling for parents. Areas of expertise; depression, anxiety, fear, phobia, obsession, trauma, separation, divorce, sister jealousy, attention deficit, hyperactivity, anger control and behavior problems. She is a member of Turkish Psychological Association and British Psychological Society. She speaks English at a native language and provides English therapy.

Professional History

2018-… Children Special Development – Specialist Clinical Psychologist 

2017-2018 Therapia Garden Psychology – Specialist Clinical Psychologist 

2015-2017 Istek Schools – Specialist Clinical Psychologist 

2014-2014 Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – United Kingdom

Specialist Clinical Psychologist 

2014-2014 Mill View Hospital – United Kingdom 

Specialist Clinical Psychologist 

2013-2014 Brighton & Hove Impetus – United Kingdom


2011-2012 NPISTANBUL Nöropsikiyatri Hastanesi – Intern Psychologist 

2011-2011 Erenkoy Mental and Neurological Diseases Training and Research Hospital – Intern Psychologist 

2011-2011 American Hospital – Intern Psychologist


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Children and Young People – Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies Association
  • Child Centered Play Therapy Certificate – April Psychological Counseling Center & Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Center
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children layıcı IV (WISC-4) Practitioner Certificate – Turkish Psychological Association
  • Denver 2 Developmental Screening Test Practitioner Certificate – Developmental Child Neurology Association
  • CAT Perception Test Practitioner Certification for Children – PADEM Psychology
  • Bender-Gestalt Visual Motor Perception Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Frostig Developmental Visual Perception Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Louisa Düss Psychoanalytic Stories Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Metropolitan School Maturity Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Gesell Developmental Figure Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Benton Visual Memory Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Beier Sentence Completion Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Preparatory Assessment Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • A Human Draw Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • A Family Drawing Test Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology
  • Ankara Development Screening Inventory Practitioner Certificate – PADEM Psychology

Our Services

Emotional-Behavioral Assessment and Counseling

How is the Process Progressing?

Fırst Stage-Phone Call

We arrange a common time for you to make a phone call, and make an appointment for our first session.

Second Stage-FamIly IntervIew

In our family interview, we listen to your story in detail, we are trying to recognize your child from your eyes. We talk about your child’s strengths and aspects to be supported, the type of counseling and therapy that can best suit her. At the same time, we offer suggestions for family problems.

ThIrd Stage-EvaluatIon SessIons

Afterwards, we evaluate your child with the emotional-behavioral methods appropriate to his needs in such a way that he will take 2-3 sessions and start the therapy process. If necessary, we apply developmental and cognitive tests and inventories.

Fourth Stage-SharIng the Results wIth the FamIly

After the evaluation sessions, we organize a family interview and share the results with you. We convey our observations on whether your child needs support or not, and we make the necessary guidance. If you think that your child needs to continue the therapy, we will prepare a special plan by sharing our fields and targets with you.

FInal Stage-Therapy Process

While your child is regularly attending sessions, we continue our family interviews whenever you need support at regular intervals to share developments.

Our family...

Deniz's Family - December 2018

My son was born in August 2015. He started talking at 18 months and the conversation process developed incredibly fast. He was able to make sentences far ahead of his peers until July 2018. As of this period, his speeches started to halt and stutter, and in the next process he began to repeat the words. The busy and tiring process seemed to have begun for us. Because this situation exhausted my son more and being aware of this situation forced him extra. We had an improvement in a process called for us to meet with Ms. Ezgi, her approach to our son, and her feedback to us. Her ability to cope, to cope with her emotions in an incredibly dramatic way and to express her emotions emotionally, was the result of Ezgi and I am sure that her love and devotion to her profession was critical.

We continue to play therapies and we always say let’s come to the end of the benefits. Infinite thank you.

Başar's Family - June 2018

Başar has made very positive developments after Ezgi Hanım. It grew big, increased confidence. He goes home alone with his friends, he comes home from school. They’re always the first to her. I did not believe that the game therapy would give such positive results, but now we are sending Ezgi with lots of thanks.

Efe's Family - March 2018

Efe helped us better understand and understand this therapy process. She contributed to our analysis of the underlying causes of his needs and behavior. Efe always befriended her because she was like a friend. And we really like Ezgi very much.

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